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Your guide to prescribing cannabinoid medication.

We are an experienced resource and supply partner for Australian doctors prescribing medical cannabis.
WHat We Do

Trusted plant based therapies.

Plants produced in optimised growing conditions using latest growing technology to achieve high-levels of terpenes and flower structure.
Innovative cultivation, with a strict focus on plant-health.  All growing, trimming, and harvesting performed by hand.
Award-winning genetics, perfected by experienced cultivation experts to bring a consistent level of quality.
Quality Guarantee

Our customer service promise.

Meticulous quality-control reducing product issues.
We manage patient feedback to give time back to your practice.
Weekly stock updates to give you confidence and supply transparency.
Our Mission

Innovative treatments for caring practices.

Treatments targeting the endocannabinoid system have moved into mainstream medicine around the world.

As the legislation catches up with the science, we seek to provide a clear pathway for doctors looking to prescribe revolutionary and innovative plant based medicine.

We believe in expanding access to these plant-based medicines, acting as a trusted partner for medical practioners, patients and pharmacists.
Frequently asked questions

Common questions from patients interested in Alfie.

Do you provide any practice education?
We are dedicated to HCP education, and offer engaging in-services to help shed light on the mysteries behind the plant.  Please reach out to book an in-service for your practice or pharmacy.
Which pharmacies or distributors stock Alfie?
We have several distributors, please feel free to reach out to determine the best option for your patient or practice.
What kind of helpful resources can you provide?
For verified patients, and registered practices, we provide detailed print brochures, in practice training for your team, and patient medical sheets.
Can I speak to you on the phone?
Yes! We're proud to offer exceptional and personal customer service to medical practitioners, pharmacists and verified patients. Reach out to us via our contact form to request and schedule a call.

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